Case study
Working paper

The Development of a Teacher Salary Parcel Tax

The Quality Teacher and Education Act in San Francisco
Heather J. Hough
Policy Analysis for California Education, Stanford University


In June 2008 San Francisco voters approved Proposition A, a parcel tax initiative dedicated to improving teachers’ salaries in the San Francisco Unified School District. Proposition A also provided funding for a number of innovative teacher compensation programs, including extra pay for teachers in difficult-to-staff schools and difficult-to-fill subject areas. In this policy report, the author presents a comprehensive review of Proposition A, including the process of consultation, negotiation and compromise that led to its approval and an assessment of the programs that will be funded with parcel tax revenues. Her report is based on interviews with key participants in the development and passage of Proposition A, along with a review of public documents.
Suggested citationHough, H. J. (2009, April). The development of a teacher salary parcel tax: The Quality Teacher and Education Act in San Francisco [Policy brief]. Policy Analysis for California Education.