Pregnant and Parenting Minors and California Schools

Helen H. Cagampang
University of California, Berkeley
William Gerritz
International School Bangkok


This survey and analysis is part of a larger study, "A Study to Determine How to Organize and Expand Public School Programs to Reduce Dropout Rates for High Risk Students: Pregnant and Parenting Adolescents," undertaken by the California Senate Office of Research and funded in part by the National Conference of State Legislators and the United States Office of Educational Research and Improvement. The Senate Office of Research contracted with PACE to examine existing secondary sources, such as available records of the California State Department of Education and the California State Department of Health; to conduct a mail survey of junior and senior high schools to estimate the numbers of pregnant minors, adolescent mothers, and associated dropout rates; to conduct a telephone survey of unified and high school districts to identify existing programs, describe existing delivery systems, and solicit suggestions for program improvement; and to assess implementation costs of a comprehensive program.

Suggested citationCagampang, H. H., & Gerritz, W. (1987, April). Pregnant and parenting minors and California schools [Report]. Policy Analysis for California Education.