A View from the Classroom

California Teachers' Opinions on Working Conditions and Reform Proposals
Julia E. Koppich
J. Koppich & Associates
William Gerritz
International School Bangkok
James W. Guthrie
Policy Analysis for California Education


This report resulted from an opinion survey of California teachers conducted in spring 1985. Surveys were mailed to 1,100 California classroom teachers reflecting a true cross section of all California teachers. More than 70% of those surveyed returned completed questionnaires. This unusually high rate of return, plus the representative nature of the survey sample, make it possible to generalize survey conclusions to California teachers as a whole.

Suggested citationKoppich, J. E., Gerritz, W., & Guthrie, J. W. (1986, March). A view from the classroom: California teachers' opinions on working conditions and reform proposals [Report]. Policy Analysis for California Education.