Year-Round Education—Year-Round Opportunities

A Study of Year-Round Education in California
Terry S. Emmett
California Department of Education
Claire Quinlan
California State Department of Education
Cathy George
California State Department of Education


This study of year-round education programs in California was prompted by a recent increase in the number of schools that have shifted to year­-round programs. In an era of increasing enrollments, particularly among large minority-populated urban school districts, and fierce competition for scarce educational resources, many districts are choosing year-round education over more traditional alternatives such as portable classrooms, split sessions, and construction of new schools. For the most part, the decision to convert to a year-round program is based on what is the most expedient way to accommodate burgeoning enrollments. Little is asked, or indeed known, about the educational impact of the year-round program.

Most studies on year-round programs are case studies of the experience of one school or school district with the year-round calendar and thus lack a statewide perspective. This study is the first attempt to analyze and synthesize information on all schools with year-round programs in California. The issues presented in this report span the major areas associated with year-round programs and are designed to inform decision makers at both the local and statewide levels.

Suggested citationEmmett, T. S., Quinlan, C., & George, C. (1987, June). Year-round education: Year-round opportunities: A study of year-round education in California [Report]. Policy Analysis for California Education.