J. Jacob Kirksey

Jacob Kirksey
J. Jacob Kirksey
Assistant Professor, College of Education,
Texas Tech University

J. Jacob Kirksey is an assistant professor of educational psychology and leadership at Texas Tech University. His work stresses a holistic approach to research and policymaking by drawing attention to the unintended consequences that occur when changes made to schools interact with populations outside policymakers’ original scope. His work concerns three populations in education policy: students who miss school; students with disabilities; and students subject to the ripple effects of immigration enforcement. He is interested in ways to involve teachers in supporting these student groups. He received his PhD in education from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

updated 2020

Publications by J. Jacob Kirksey
This study examines the associations between county-level immigration arrests and academic achievement, absenteeism, and measures of school climate and safety for students in the California CORE districts. We found consistent evidence that Latinx…
Students with learning disabilities are spending more time in general education classrooms than at any point in history, yet there remain concerns whether general education teachers are receiving adequate preparation to support these students.…