Preparing Teachers to Educate Students with Learning Disabilities

Preparing Teachers to Eductate Students with Disabilities PACE Report
Michael Gottfried
University of Pennsylvania
J. Jacob Kirksey
Texas Tech University


Students with learning disabilities are spending more time in general education classrooms than at any point in history, yet there remain concerns whether general education teachers are receiving adequate preparation to support these students. Considering the rapid adoption of new accountability measures of teacher preparation programs (TPPs), including teaching performance assessments (e.g. edTPA), there is little understanding of what components of teacher preparation relate to teachers’ perceptions of readiness to educate students with learning disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Drawing on findings from two studies that examined survey responses from graduating preservice teachers in the University of California’s TPPs, we outline which components of preservice preparation associated with perceived readiness to educate students with learning disabilities. We discuss recommendations for policymakers and teacher educators.

Suggested citationGottfried, M., & Kirksey, J. (2020, February). Preparing teachers to educate students with learning disabilities [Report]. Policy Analysis for California Education.