John W. Evans

John W. Evans
Director of Institutional Research and Planning,
San Joaquin Delta College

John W. Evans was director of institutional research and planning for San Joaquin Delta College. He was formerly senior advisory faculty at Delta College and a senior policy analyst for PACE. Dr. Evans received his MA and PhD from Ohio State University.

updated 1989

Publications by John W. Evans
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This report is an attempt to assemble a set of social indicators that suggest an overall portrait of the quality of California's children. It synthesizes material not readily available to policy­ makers; points out gaps in available data; and, where…
Second-Year Results from Replications of the California Peninsula Academies
This paper reports results from the first two years of an effort in 10 high schools to replicate the California Peninsula Academies. The Academy model combines the core academic curriculum with technical instruction in a particular occupational…
1986–87 Evaluation Report
In the fall of 1985, ten academy programs were established by the State of California as replications of the Peninsula Academies. PACE evaluated these 10 academies in 1985–86. This report presents findings from a second evaluation covering the…
This is the fourth edition of Conditions of Education in California. It is the most extensive and inclusive issue yet. It has been altered in both content and format. The content has been expanded.  In addition to previously appearing…