Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy
Kate Kennedy
PhD Student,
University of Southern California

Kate Kennedy is a PhD student in urban education policy at the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California, where she is a Senior Doctoral Researcher with PACE. Kennedy studies the K–12 American educational landscape, focusing on politics, leadership, and equity education policy. She also works on education policy initiatives as a research associate at the Center on Education Policy, Equity, and Governance. Kennedy is an alumna of Teach for America and taught for ten years in the Los Angeles Unified School District and in Worthington city schools outside of Columbus, Ohio. 

updated 2019

Publications by Kate Kennedy
How School Districts Craft Coherence Towards Continuous Improvement
Using qualitative case study methods, we examine how educators describe continuous improvement and craft coherence for implementation. We find that educators attempted to build system-wide improvement capabilities, taking into consideration…
Leadership, Partnership, and Community
Public education today faces a troubling set of challenges, including declining enrollment, staffing shortages, and polarized communities, with school boards at the center of broader political debates. How did we arrive at this current state? This…
Conditions Shaping Educators’ Use of Social-Emotional Learning Indicators
Researchers have amassed considerable evidence on the use of student performance data (e.g., benchmark and standardized state tests) to inform educational improvement, but few have examined the use of nonacademic indicators (e.g., indicators of…
The Case of Ayer Elementary
In the past few years, California’s education policies have focused on continuous improvement as a general approach to improving student outcomes. While approaches for doing continuous improvement are sometimes well-specified (e.g., in specific…