Neal Finkelstein

Neal Finkelstein
Neal Finkelstein
Senior Research Scientist,

Neal Finkelstein is a senior research scientist and director of the Innovation Studies Program at WestEd. His work focuses on connecting research, practice, and policy across K–12 and higher education systems. He works nationally on education evaluations and their implications for education systems and policy design. Finkelstein's current research includes high school completion patterns and the transition to postsecondary education; middle school mathematics teaching and learning; diagnostic uses of school-based data systems; school governance systems; and educational productivity. Prior to joining WestEd, Finkelstein served as director of educational outreach research and evaluation for the University of California Office of the President and was senior program officer for the National Research Council. He received his PhD in education policy and management from the University of California, Berkeley.

updated 2018

Publications by Neal Finkelstein
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