Susana Claro

Susana Claro
Susana Claro
Assistant Professor ,
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Susana Claro is an assistant professor in the School of Government at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and is the cofounder of Enseña Chile, which is modeled on Teach for America. Her research focuses on the inequality of opportunities among students, and on teachers, motivation, and socio-emotional skills. She received her PhD in the economics of education from Stanford University.

updated 2020

Publications by Susana Claro
Prior work has shown that levels of self-reported student social-emotional learning (SEL) predict student achievement levels—as well as student achievement gains—but little has been done to understand if within-student changes in student reports of…
Evidence from California’s CORE School Districts
While the importance of social-emotional learning for student success is well established, educators and researchers have less knowledge and agreement about which social-emotional skills are most important for students and how these skills…
Evidence from California’s CORE Districts
Existing research on self-management skills shows that measures of self-management predict student success. However, these conclusions are based on small samples or narrowly defined self-management measures. Using a rich longitudinal dataset of 221,…