Michal Kurlaender

University of California Davis


Improving College Readiness: A Research Summary and Implications for Practice. Michal Kurlaender, Sherrie Reed, Alexandria Hurtt (August 2019)
Empowering the Intersegmental Agenda: Opportunities for Research, Policy, and Practice. Sherrie Reed, Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, Elisha Smith Arrillaga, Joel Vargas, Michal Kurlaender (June 2019)
College Affordability in Every Corner of California: Perspectives from the 2019 PACE/USC Rossier Poll. Cecilia Rios-Aguilar, Michal Kurlaender, Austin Lyke, Teresita Martinez (June 2019)
Where California High School Students Attend College. Michal Kurlaender, Sherrie Reed, Kramer Cohen, Matt Naven, Paco Martorell, Scott Carrell (December 2018)
Intersegmental Partnerships and Data Sharing: Promising Practices From the Field. Sherrie Reed, Patrick Lee, Michal Kurlaender, Ambar Hernandez (July 2018)
Predicting College Success: How Do Different High School Assessments Measure Up?. Michal Kurlaender, K.A. Kramer, Erika Jackson (March 2018)
State Standards, the SAT, and Admission to the University of California. Michal Kurlaender, Eric Grodsky, Samuel J. Agronow, Catherine L. Horn (December 2011)


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