California’s College Graduate Crisis, and What to Do About It

Friday, April 16, 2010 - 11:30am

The podcast of our April 16 seminar "California’s College Graduate Crisis, and What to Do About It" is now available online. The speaker was Martin Carnoy, Vida Jacks Professor of Education and Economics at Stanford University.

In 2005-06 almost half of the pupils in California’s public schools were Latinos, but Latinos only received about 15 percent of the BA degrees awarded by public and private colleges in the state. Texas has a comparable Latino population, but does significantly better than California in getting Latino students through college. Carnoy explored the reasons why California’s education system falls short in ensuring post-secondary access and success for Latino students, and identified steps that the state could take to increase the number of four-year college graduates. The speaker was introduced by PACE Executive Director David N. Plank.

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