PACE Event

California's Local Control Funding Formula

Implementation Challenges and Policy Recommendations

In this seminar Julia Koppich and Dan Humphrey present findings from the first study on the implementation of California’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). That study found that local school districts were generally enthusiastic about the LCFF, but somewhat wary about the state’s commitment to give local educators the time and support necessary to make the LCFF work effectively. The study also identified local concerns about whether Local Control Accountability Plans were serving their intended purposes, and whether the resources provided by the state would be sufficient to support real improvements in local schools.

Julia Koppich and Dan Humphrey, and Julie Marsh will also present findings from a study of the second-year of LCFF implementation. Conducted in Fall 2015, the second-year study focuses on how local leaders are adapting to California’s new finance and accountability systems, identifies some promising approaches to LCFF implementation, and provides implications of the findings for adjustments to the LCFF. The report is based on case studies of LCFF implementation in 7 to 9 California school districts, along with LCAP reviews of over 50 districts and interviews with over 25 County Office of Education leaders.