Julie A. Marsh

Julie Marsh
Julie A. Marsh
Professor of Education Policy,
University of Southern California

Julie A. Marsh is professor of education policy in the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California where and codirector of Center on Education Policy, Equity, and Governance. Marsh specializes in research on K–12 policy and governance, blending perspectives in education, sociology, and political science. Her work focuses on accountability and instructional policy, with particular attention to the process and politics of adoption and implementation, and to the ways in which policies shape practice in urban settings. A second major strand of her research examines educational governance and efforts to decentralize and democratize decision-making. She is a coeditor of the journal Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. Marsh received her PhD in education administration and policy analysis from Stanford University.

updated 2021

Publications by Julie A. Marsh
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