PACE Event

Early Learning

Science for Policy Makers

Lifting early school achievement depends on the quality of early learning environments—but what do we know about these environments that most effectively stimulate young children’s growth? How can we enrich children’s daily activities?

In this seminar, leading researchers from the University of California, Berkeley discuss key findings on quality, including play, close interactions with caregivers, and exploration—all which have been shown to have lasting effects on children’s development.

President Obama’s new budget includes $9.2 billion in state challenge grants to elevate preschool quality, and rising Title I dollars allow school districts to address preschool quality. The UC Berkeley researchers also discuss recent empirical findings and clarify the implications for these new funds and early education policy in California.

Speakers include:

  • Alison Gopnik, Professor of Developmental Psychology, University of California, Berkeley
  • Bruce Fuller, Professor of Education, University of California, Berkeley

Moderated by David N. Plank, Executive Director, PACE