PACE Event

Expanding College-and-Career Pathways for High School Students

What Does it Cost?

To improve the preparation of California high school students for postsecondary education and careers, in 2006 the James Irvine Foundation launched a major initiative to develop what is now called the Linked Learning approach. The Foundation asked PACE to inform this effort by gathering evidence on the cost of Linked Learning programs. This seminar presents the results.

The Linked Learning strategy is based on previous studies, mainly on evaluations of career academies. Prior research found that combining academic and career-technical coursework in a small-school setting, with work-based learning related to classroom instruction, can produce positive outcomes for students during and after high school.

A new report on California Partnerships Academies (CPAs) in 2009-10 provides additional positive evidence. This seminar will discuss both benefits and costs. David Stern of the University of California, Berkeley, will present results from the new study of CPAs and from the PACE study of costs.


  • David Stern, Professor Emeritus of Education, University of California, Berkeley

Moderated by David N. Plank, Executive Director, PACE