Welcome to Conditions 2.0!

David N. Plank
Stanford Graduate School of Education

Welcome back to PACE’s blog, Conditions of Education in California! Our goal, as always, is to support an informed discussion of the policy challenges facing California’s beleaguered education system. To accompany the resigned PACE website, we have ‘re-booted’ the blog, with a more specific focus on new research that addresses critical issues in California education, along with expert commentary on the research and its implications for education policy in our state.

We are delighted that Jennifer Imazeki has agreed to serve as the Managing Editor of Conditions of Education in California. Jennifer is a Professor of Economics at San Diego State University, where she teaches courses in applied microeconomics and conducts research in the economics of education. She is an expert on a variety of issues in California education, and has published reports and chapters for PACE, the Getting Down to Facts project, and others, on topics including school finance reform, educational adequacy, and teacher labor markets. Jenn is also an experienced blogger, managing her own blog on the teaching of economics and contributing regularly to Conditions of Education and other on-line forums.

We invite you to join the conversation, starting with adding your comments to our two posts today, which discuss research on the effects of increased flexibility in categorical program funding. If you do not already subscribe to the blog, you can keep up with new posts through the RSS feed. We also particularly encourage researchers to contact Jennifer if you have work that would be useful for the policy community to know about. Only through informed discussion can California begin to generate the level of policy understanding and political momentum that will be necessary to reverse the woeful trajectory of our state’s education system.

Suggested citationPlank, D. N. (2012, September). Welcome to conditions 2.0! [Commentary]. Policy Analysis for California Education.