Environmental Education and Nature-Rich Experiences

Essential for Youth and Community Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
Nicole M. Ardoin
Alison W. Bowers

The COVID-19 pandemic, which presents critical threats to education overall, also presents specific, potentially irreversible, and long-term threats to environmental education—an essential field that provides numerous cognitive, affective, and health-related benefits.

November 18, 2020 | CalMatters

Citing California’s fastest increase yet in new coronavirus cases, Gov. Gavin Newsom pulled an “emergency brake” on the state’s reopening plan, directing 39 counties to regress into more restrictive tiers. Around 94% of the state’s residents now live in the...

November 13, 2020 | KQED

As coronavirus cases spike across California, Bay Area school districts continue to weigh when and how to reopen. San Jose Unified School District recently announced plans to open classrooms in January; Oakland Unified has yet to set a date. But...

November 12, 2020 | CalMatters

Voters narrowly defeated Proposition 15, the tax measure that aimed to eliminate decades-long protections for commercial properties – dashing hopes of billions of dollars flowing into California’s cash-strapped public schools and community colleges in the coming years.

August 3, 2020 | Cal Matters

A week before some California districts start school, many parents remain in the dark about what online learning will look like as teachers unions and districts negotiate instruction plans — in some cases behind closed doors.

April 24, 2015 | Inside Higher Ed

For about as long as anyone can remember, most undergraduate natural science majors have been required to take at least two semesters of calculus. Lots of students -- especially those in the life sciences -- don’t end up using most of...