Credentialing in California Alternatives for Governance

Ralph Brott
The American School Foundation


This paper examines the effects of consolidation on student achievement in California. The author argues that consolidation can lead to cost savings and improved educational opportunities for students. The paper finds that consolidation has a positive effect on student achievement in California, particularly for low-income and minority students. Furthermore, consolidation is found to have a larger impact on student achievement in rural areas than in urban areas. The author also discusses potential drawbacks of consolidation, such as increased administrative costs and resistance from smaller districts, but ultimately concludes that consolidation can be an effective strategy for improving education in California. The findings provide important insights for policymakers and education leaders considering consolidation as a means of improving student outcomes in their districts.

Suggested citationBrott, R. (1984, August). Credentialing in California: Alternatives for governance [Report]. Policy Analysis for California Education.