Working paper

Programs for Middle School Math

An Inventory of Existing Technology
Andrew M. Saultz
Pacific University


In this working paper, Andrew Saultz of Michigan State University inventories the current landscape of technology programs available for middle school math. The working paper is not intended as a “consumers’ guide” to technology programs, and the descriptions of some specific programs are not fully accurate or current. Readers who are interested in specific programs should consult the providers directly; web addresses are included in the working paper. The working paper also does not provide an all‐inclusive list of every mathematical program available, as this is a rapidly evolving industry; rather, Saultz’s report is intended to demonstrate the wide variety of existing programs. The paper makes clear that a large and growing number of options currently exist for policymakers and educators looking to incorporate technology into the teaching of middle school mathematics. The paper also notes that only few of these programs have yet been subjected to rigorous evaluation of their effectiveness with students.

Suggested citationSaultz, A. (2012, February). PROGRAMS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL MATH: An inventory of existing technology [Working paper]. Policy Analysis for California Education.