PACE Event

Examining the Evidence

Assessing Student Learning and Social-Emotional Well-Being

The pandemic has introduced a great deal of hardship into many students’ lives, which may make it difficult for them to learn.

Disruptions to students’ mental and emotional health, social systems of support, and learning environments require a new focus on social and emotional well-being. At the same time, pandemic-related school disruptions have put a heightened focus on the need to understand student learning. Measurement now is more critical than ever but requires new methods of assessing students and new approaches for analyzing and acting upon the data.

How can educators monitor student learning and social-emotional well-being during school disruptions associated with COVID-19? How can new data sources help improve systems and be used to identify students for targeted support?

The discussion will draw on the evidence in the new copublished PACE and EdResearch for Recovery brief, Evidence-Based Practices for Assessing Students’ Social and Emotional Well-Being, and a new PACE analysis on how the pandemic is exacerbating inequities in student learning.

Panelists include:

Moderated by Arianna Prothero, Reporter, Education Week

Watch a video of the webinar here.