How 8 Large California Districts Are Using Data to Decode Social-Emotional Learning — and Predict Students’ Academic Success

In this issue of The 74, writer Kate Stringer reports on how the Long Beach Unified School District is tracking students’ growth in both academic and social-emotional skills. CORE Districts (Fresno, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento City, San Francisco, and Santa Ana Unified School Districts) together serve nearly a million students and utilize a unique multiple measures data system to work together to improve student outcomes.

CORE District schools measure growth mindset, self-efficacy (believing in one’s ability to succeed), self-management, and social awareness (ability to empathize), in addition to school culture and climate indicators such as support for academic learning, a sense of belonging, knowledge and fairness of rules and discipline, and school safety. These metrics are then displayed on a data dashboard searchable at the school level. Education Analytics, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit, is helping decipher the data for the district and refining their social-emotional measurement tools.

In October 2015, Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) and the CORE Districts launched the CORE-PACE Research Partnership focused on research that aims to deepen learning, while sharing lessons more broadly to accelerate improvement across the state. In addition to social emotional learning, the Partnership’s work  includes continuous improvement and making use of multiple measures of student and school performance.


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