The Training Needs and Interests of School Counseling Intern Site Supervisors

Gail E. Uellendahl
Maya N. Tenenbaum

School counseling site supervisors play a critical role in the clinical training of school counselor interns and are an important link between counselor education and professional practice. While it is a state requirement in California that school counselor site supervisors...

Using Math Diagnostics to Inform Course Placement in Community Colleges

Tatiana Melguizo
Federick Ngo

Given that community colleges are open-access institutions that serve a diversity of students with a range of skills, they need some means of identifying students’ readiness for college-level work. This typically happens via placement testing during college matriculation. Subsequently, we...

The Racial School Climate Gap

Within-School Disparities in Students’ Experiences of Safety, Support, and Connectedness
Adam Voight

Racial and ethnic disparities in academic achievement pose challenges to educational equity in the United States. One feature of schools that may be related to these gaps and that has garnered increased attention of late is school climate, which refers...

Physical Activity Breaks Improve Student Attention in the Classroom

Jordan Carlson

Leading public health organizations recommend that children receive 60 minutes of daily physical activity and that elementary schools provide at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity during school hours. California mandates 200 minutes of Physical Education per every 10...