Working paper

Parallel Play

Preschool and K–12 Finance Reform in New Jersey and Texas
Bruce Fuller
University of California, Berkeley
Joseph Wright
Policy Analysis for California Education
In a PACE Working Paper, Co-Director Bruce Fuller and Joseph Wright offer policy and implementation lessons from two states—New Jersey and Texas—that have moved to advance preschool and K–12 finance reform in tandem. These states have assembled the puzzle pieces in differing ways, but both states are determined to widen access for families who can least afford quality preschool. The policy experiences of these states over the past quarter century yield notable lessons for current policy debate on pre-school and education finance reform in California.
Suggested citationFuller, B., & Wright, J. (2007, July). Parallel play—Preschool and K–12 finance reform in New Jersey and Texas [Working paper]. Policy Analysis for California Education.