Sherrie Reed Bennett

Sherrie Reed
Sherrie Reed Bennett
Executive Director, California Education Lab,
University of California, Davis

Sherrie Reed Bennett is executive director of the California Education Lab at the UC Davis School of Education, where she manages and directs faculty research grants from foundations and the U.S. Department of Education. Prior to joining the California Education Lab, Reed served as the director of research for New Tech Network and she worked in K–12 education as a special education teacher, school administrator, and charter school developer. She received her PhD from the UC Davis School of Education.

updated 2024

Publications by Sherrie Reed Bennett
Dual Enrollment Participation From 9th to 12th Grade
Completing the A–G course sequence is the standard pathway to college for California high school graduates; however, findings indicate that there is substantial variation in A–G enrollment and completion rates across student subgroups and schools.…
Despite clear evidence of the benefits of taking advanced math courses in high school, access to and success in these courses are not experienced equally. Only about half of California high school seniors enroll in an advanced math course, and…