Community Voices: California Preschool Directors Speak on Policy Options

Year of publication: 
January 2007
Policy Analysis for California Education

PACE’s statewide survey of 439 directors of community preschools, those funded outside of school districts, inquired about basic facts and their perceptions of long-term issues. Preschool access and quality remain unfairly distributed among California’s diverse communities. Persisting questions examined include how to grow more plentiful and higher quality preschools, and how to ensure a robust balance between organizations run by schools or community organizations. Despite rising interest among policy makers, we know little about how preschool directors themselves understand and evaluate differing policy options. PACE’s working paper amplifies the views and voices of local practitioners. Coauthored by Bruce Fuller, Kathryn Gesicki, Thea Sweo, and Sunyoung Jung.


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