Listening to Teachers of English Language Learners

A Survey of California Teachers’ Challenges, Experiences, and Professional Development Needs
Patricia Gándara
UCLA Graduate School of Education
Julie Maxwell-Jolly
Research Professional
Anne Driscoll
Stanford University


This report examines the challenges that English learners face in California schools and the impact of policies designed to support them. It highlights the need for more effective implementation of these policies, including better training and support for teachers, greater collaboration among stakeholders, and improved communication with families. The authors emphasize the importance of recognizing the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of English learners and providing them with meaningful opportunities to develop their language and academic skills. The report also calls for more research to inform policy and practice, particularly in the areas of language assessment and bilingual education. Overall, the authors argue that improving educational outcomes for English learners is critical for promoting equity and social justice in California's schools.

Suggested citation Gándara, P., Maxwell-Jolly, J., & Driscoll, A. (2005, May). Listening to teachers of English language learners: A survey of California teachers’ challenges, experiences, and professional development needs [Report]. Policy Analysis for California Education.