Seeking Equity in the Education of California's English Learners

Russell W. Rumberger
University of California, Santa Barbara
Patricia Gándara
UCLA Graduate School of Education


This article provides an abridged version of a report prepared for the lawsuit Williams v. State of California. The report first examines the achievement gap for English learners in California. Second, it reviews evidence in seven areas in which these students receive a substantially inequitable education vis-à-vis their English-speaking peers, even when those peers are similarly economically disadvantaged. Third, it documents the state’s role in creating and perpetuating existing inequities. Finally, it describes a series of remedies that the state could pursue to reduce these inequities.

This article was originally published in the Teachers College Record by Teachers College, Columbia University and SAGE Publications.

Suggested citationRumberger, R. W., & Gándara, P. (2004, October). Seeking equity in the education of California's English learners [Article]. Policy Analysis for California Education.