Practice brief

Empowering the Intersegmental Agenda

Opportunities for Research, Policy, and Practice
Empowering the Intersegmental Agenda
Sherrie Reed Bennett
University of California, Davis
Cecilia Rios-Aguilar
University of California, Los Angeles
Elisha Smith Arrillaga
The Charles A. Dana Center, UT-Austin
Michal Kurlaender
University of California, Davis


Due to fragmented and misaligned segments of public education, many students lack access to educational opportunities that will ensure their success in college and career. This problem is one that may only be solved through better alignment and coordination between high school and college, between systems of higher education, and between education and economic development sectors. Intersegmental collaborations are emerging as a key lever for change, and the sustainability of these intersegmental efforts both depend on and offer opportunities to bridge research, policy, and practice in ways that facilitate improved outcomes. This brief summarizes lessons for effective collaboration and highlights opportunities for bridging research, policy, and practice to increase student success in college and career.

Suggested citationReed, S., Rios-Aguilar, C., Smith Arrillaga, E., Vargas, J., & Kurlaender, M. (2019, June). Empowering the intersegmental agenda: Opportunities for research, policy, and practice [Practice brief]. Policy Analysis for California Education.