Who Is Opposed to Common Core and Why?

Morgan Polikoff
University of Southern California
Tenice Hardaway
Ace Awareness Foundation
Julie A. Marsh
University of Southern California
David N. Plank
Stanford Graduate School of Education


Rising opposition to the Common Core Standards (CCS) has undermined implementation throughout the country, yet there has been no scholarly analysis of the predictors of CCS opposition in the populace. This analysis uses data from a statewide poll of California voters to explore the demographic and policy predictors of CCS opposition. It finds opposition strongly associated with views about President Obama; with several education policy issues (especially testing); and with two mis-/negative conceptions about the standards. It advocates using poll data in future work to understand public opinion on education issues.

This article was originally published in Educational Researcher by SAGE Publications.

Suggested citationPolikoff, M. S., Hardaway, T., Marsh, J. A., & Plank, D. N. (2016, January). Who is opposed to Common Core and why? [Article]. Policy Analysis for California Education.