Statewide Policy Leaders and Researchers Convene to Discuss the Future of Education in California

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 16, 2017 CONTACT: Daisy Gonzales Cell: 650-724-2834 More than two hundred education leaders will gather in Sacramento on January 27, 2017 for the inaugural Research and Policy Conference presented by Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE). The conference will focus on three themes: funding adequacy, teacher quality, and strengthened alignment between K-12 and post-secondary education. The inaugural conference is the premier event for policymakers, researchers, advocates and other leaders working to define and sustain a long-term strategy for comprehensive policy reform and continuous improvement of California’s education system. Working with scholars from California’s leading universities, participants will gather to bridge the gap between academic research and education policy. “Continuous improvement in California’s education system will depend on close cooperation between policymakers, researchers, advocates and school leaders,” explained David Plank, Executive Director of PACE. “Learning what works and sharing strategies to improve student outcomes is the key to California’s educational future. This conference is a great opportunity to bring these groups together to learn from one another.” The conference will be kicked-off by PACE co-founder Michael Kirst, the current President of the California State Board of Education. Renowned education leader Christopher Edley Jr., President of the Opportunity Institute will discuss race, equity and the continuous improvement of California’s education system. Washington insiders Michael Petrilli and Mike Smith will discuss the changes that may be in prospect as a new administration takes charge. Participants will also be introduced to new strategies for improving college access and success, and to promising practices in human resources management and school district budgeting under LCFF. PACE is an independent, non-partisan research center based at Stanford University, the University of Southern California, and the University of California, Davis. Founded in 1983, PACE publishes policy briefs, research reports, and working papers that address key policy issues in California’s education system. PACE convenes seminars and briefings that make current research accessible to policy audiences throughout California, and works with local school districts and professional associations on projects aimed at supporting policy innovation, data use, and rigorous evaluation.


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