Press Release: Leadership Changes for PACE at Stanford

Welcome to Professor Benjamin W. Domingue!

Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) is excited to announce that Professor Benjamin W. Domingue will join PACE’s leadership team as faculty director representing the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

IIn the months and years ahead, PACE will continue working with researchers, policymakers, and educators to improve outcomes for California’s students and to guide pandemic recovery. Professor Domingue’s research is critical for this endeavor: his focuses on studying how student outcomes can inform our understanding of student learning, teacher performance, and the efficacy of programs and policies through the use of a wide range of data on student outcomes, including health and wellbeing, academic learning, and student experience. Now more than ever, it is vital to bring research evidence and a renewed commitment into decisions about policy and practice statewide.

Professor Domingue ’s expertise is an important addition to the PACE team. He joins current PACE faculty directors Christopher Edley, Jr. (UC Berkeley), Michal Kurlaender (UC Davis), Julie Marsh (University of Southern California), and Cecilia Rios-Aguilar (UCLA) in providing strategic leadership for the center, working in close partnership with Executive Director Heather Hough. He replaces Deborah Stipek, who served as PACE’s faculty director at Stanford for 3 years and had been intimately involved with PACE for many years prior as a contributing researcher and also as the dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Education from 2001 to 2011. Throughout her career, Professor Stipek brought her deep expertise in early childhood and elementary education to benefit policy and practice in California.

The entire PACE team thanks Professor Stipek for her service to California education policy, and we wish her the best in her much deserved retirement!