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Guide to the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) for California School Districts. The Federal guidelines for the $439 million Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant program have been published, and the deadline for applications is July 6, 2010. Julia E. Koppich has complied the "Guide to the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) for California School Districts." The guide is intended as a resource for districts that plan to apply or are considering applying for a TIF grant in 2010. Even if you are familiar with TIF regulations from previous years, we encourage you to review this guide as program regulations have changed substantially. Click here to view and download a copy of the guide. Click here for a full recording of the PACE and Full Circle Fund online webinar for California districts as per the Wednesday, June 9, 2010, webminar. US Department of Education official Jo Anderson, as well as Julia Koppich, one of the leading experts in alternative teacher pay model and author of the "The Guide to the Teacher Incentive Fund for California School Districts" will be discussed TIF and answered questions.

New ways of compensating teachers in an era of ferocious budget shortfalls was the topic of discussion for about 400 school superintendents, leaders of teacher organizations and school board members from across California at conferences on March 30-31 in Oakland and Los Angeles. The conferences were organized by Full Circle Fund, a philanthropic organization in the San Francisco Bay Area and by Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), a nonpartisan and independent research center based at the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Southern California (USC) and Stanford University. Below are some of the presentations and handout materials that were presented at the conference. We will add additional materials, as well as audio and video as they become available.

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Alternative Teacher Compensation - A Primer The Development of a Teacher Salary Parcel Tax: The Quality Teacher and Education Act in San Francisco Collective Bargaining Agreements in California School Districts: Moving Beyond the Stereotype Welcome letter from Arne Duncan, The U.S. Secretary of Education (pdf)

Starting To Think About the Big Questions

Jeff Camp, Education Impact Circle Chair, Full Circle Fund Starting To Think About the Big Questions (PowerPoint) Related Links:

Alternative Compensation in Minneapolis

Pat Pratt-Cook, Human Resources Director, Minneapolis Public Schools Lynn Nordgren, President, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers A cooperative effort of the Minneapolis Public Schools and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, the Alternative Teacher Professional Pay System centers on improving teacher practice, largely through professional development. It offers teachers multiple ways to advance on the salary schedule. Alternative Compensation in Minneapolis (PowerPoint) Handouts: ATPPS Information (pdf) ATPPS Guidelines (pdf)

New York City's School-wide Performance Awards Program

Terry Bowman, Senior Director, Labor and Policy Implementation, New York City Public Schools Susan Amlung, Director of Policy Research, United Federation of Teachers Launched in November 2007, New York City's school-wide performance award program is a cooperative effort of the school district and the United Federation of Teachers. It focuses on awarding bonuses to groups of teachers in high-need schools based on their students' growth on the state's standardized achievement tests. New York City's School-wide Performance Awards Program (PowerPoint) Handouts: Joint DOE UFT Encouragement Letter (pdf) Letter to Potential Evaluators (pdf) School-Wide Bonus Program (pdf) Original SPBP announcement (pdf)

The Teacher Advancement Program (TAP)

Tamara Schiff, Senior Vice-president, National Institute for Excellence in Teaching Tammy Kreuz, Director, Texas TAP Program Frances McArthur, Associate Superintendent, Bryan Independent School District (Bryan, Texas) Launched in 1999 by the Milken Family Foundation, the Teacher Advancement Program is now part of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching. Operating in 50 districts and 220 schools, TAP focuses on providing teachers with multiple career paths, ongoing professional growth, instructionally-focused accountability, and performance-based compensation. Related Links:

Strategic Teacher Compensation in Austin

David Lussier, Special Assistant to the Superintendent, Austin Independent School District Louis Malfaro, President, Education Austin The Austin Independent School District's strategic compensation initiative is known as AISD REACH. The program is aimed at recruiting, retaining, and recognizing excellent teachers and principals. Now in the second year of a planned four-year pilot, ASID REACH is focused on student and professional growth in the highest needs schools. It is supported by collaboration among the district, teachers' union, and business community. Strategic Teacher Compensation in Austin (PowerPoint) Related Links

Program Design and Evaluation

Maribeth Smith, Senior Associate for National School Reform, Community Training and Assistance Center Daniel Humphrey, Associate Director, Center for Education Policy, SRI International This session offered practical guidance about designing and evaluating alternative compensation programs. The presenters, who themselves have led compensation design and evaluation initiatives, described what they have learned from their experiences, including how districts and unions can avoid potential pitfalls and methods to smooth the way in designing new compensation programs. Learning About New Forms of Teacher Compensation (Smith) (PowerPoint) Performance Pay: Program Design and Evaluation (Humphrey) (PowerPoint) Handouts: Alternative Compensation Program Design and Evaluation (pdf) Tying Earning to Learning (pdf) Student Learning Objective Guide (pdf)

The Foundation Community and New Forms of Teacher Compensation

Dan Katzir, Managing Director, The Broad Foundation Pay For Performance (PowerPoint)

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The San Francisco Story: Finding the Money and the Will

Carlos Garcia, Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District Tony Smith, Deputy Supt., Instruction, Innovation, and Social Justice, SFUSD Dennis Kelly, President, United Educators of San Francisco Linda Plack, Vice-President, UESF Respondents: Dom Summa, Manager of Negotiations and Organization, California Teachers Association Marty Hittelman, President, California Federation of Teachers

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download the audio to your computer (zip) CTA presentation (Summa) (powerpoint) Handouts: MOU between SFUSD and UESF (pdf)

Summing Up the Day

Susanna Loeb, Professor, Stanford University and PACE Learning About New Forms of Teacher Compensation (powerpoint)

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You can find additional information about teacher compensation reform on the websites listed below.

American Federation of Teachers Center for Educator Compensation Reform Consortium for Policy Research in Education Education Commission of the States National Center on Performance Incentives National Education Association Value-added Research Center of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research

You can find additional information about Full Circle Fund below.

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