California Cares

Child Care and Development Services for Children and Families—Phase III Final Report, Part 1
Linda Petersen
WASC Senior College and University Commission
Lynn DeLapp
Davis Consultant Network
James W. Guthrie
Policy Analysis for California Education
Teresa O'Donnell-Johnson
San José State University
Michael W. Kirst
Stanford University
Julia E. Koppich
J. Koppich & Associates


Phase III was designed to further analyze the preliminary recommendations and to utilize the assistance of childcare and development community to re­design childcare and development policy. Professional judgment and experience was sought from representatives from the three lead agencies and the childcare and development field. For six of the nine tasks included in the project, work groups were assembled to discuss new proposals and ideas for improving services within the state. Over 80 people spent thousands of hours contributing their experience and expertise to these efforts. Three additional tasks were also conducted as more traditional research projects in which consultation with field representatives was also involved, but in a less structured manner. The project was designed to study nine specific questions that CDE, CDSS, and the Governor's Office of Child Development and Education believed were critical to policy restructuring. Part II of this report contains working papers for all tasks except state governance, which is included in Phase III.

Suggested citationPetersen, L., Delapp, L., Finkelstein, N., Guthrie, J. W., O'Donnell-Johnson, T., Kirst, M. W., & Koppich, J. E. (1996, August). California Cares: Child care and development services for children and families: Phase III final report, part 1 [Report]. Policy Analysis for California Education.