Conditions of Education in California, 1989

James W. Guthrie
Policy Analysis for California Education
Michael W. Kirst
Stanford University
Gerald C. Hayward
Policy Analysis for California Education
Allan R. Odden
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Julia E. Koppich
J. Koppich & Associates
Jacob E. Adams, Jr.
Claremont Graduate University
Florence R. Webb
California School Boards Association


This is the fifth edition of Conditions of Education in California. Over time, the content and format have changed in keeping with suggestions made by readers.

This publication is based upon compilations and syntheses of information collected by other agencies and individuals. These sources are noted throughout the text. We wish here to express our appreciation to these others upon whose efforts we depend so heavily. Also, PACE undertakes a substantial amount of original data collection and analysis. We make specific mention of this throughout the text.


Suggested citationGuthrie, J. W., Kirst, M. W., Hayward, G. C., Odden, A. R., Koppich, J. E., Adams, J. E., Jr., & Webb, F. R. (1990, January). Conditions of education in California, 1989 [Report]. Policy Analysis for California Education.