Policy brief

Quality Teaching and Learning in Pre–K Classrooms

What It Takes
Quality Teaching and Learning in Pre-K Classrooms
Kathryn Baron
Education Writer & Editor
Deborah Stipek
Stanford University
Beth Meloy
Meloy Child and Family Policy Solutions
Anna Arambula
Fresno Unified School District
Vickie Ramos Harris
Advancement Project California
Lisa Guernsey
New America


Access to affordable preschool programs is a crucial issue for improving kindergarten readiness for 3- to 5-year-olds, but research shows that the quality of teaching and learning in those programs is just as essential. Across the country, states are boosting preschool policy standards and strengthening educational requirements for preschool teachers. California has not been at the forefront of this effort. But newly elected Governor Gavin Newsom is making preschool quality a signature issue of his administration. He, along with the legislature and other policymakers, are calling for more funding, access, and teacher preparation. This brief focuses on their proposals, examples of successful reforms, and ongoing challenges that were discussed at PACE’s annual conference in February 2019.

Suggested citationBaron, K., Stipek, D., Meloy, B., Arambula, A., Ramos Harris, V., & Guernsey, L. (2019, June). Quality teaching and learning in pre-K classrooms: What it takes [Policy brief]. Policy Analysis for California Education. https://edpolicyinca.org/publications/quality-teaching-and-learning-pre-k-classrooms-what-it-takes